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Born from our desire to be at the forefront of security development, our in house training team have combined recognised qualifications in physical intervention with specifically created response & extraction training, to create a bespoke package to train our Response Teams. Designed to be deployed in environments with increased levels of threat, these specifically equipped and highly trained operatives are the answer to any hostile situation. Their specific training covers (but is not limited to):

Detailed legal training around usage of force & restraint techniques

Advanced self defence and physical intervention training, including counter-weaponry training

Dynamic risk assessment and scenario based training, to ensure they can cope in any situation

Advanced conflict management, to diffuse hostile situations quickly and effectively without the need for physicality

Detailed report writing, to ensure their actions are fully documented & auditable

Re-occurrent training to ensure full compliance to industry and legislation changes

These teams are designed to work in conjunction with regular security, providing extra peace of mind and safety for both clients and public, without necessarily waiting for a police response. Each member of the team is hand picked and put through a rigorous training and examination process to ensure they are suitable for the role. These teams are then deployed under the strict control of a team manager. These teams are often deployed on events as part of a larger security package, allowing us to deal effectively with issues such as gang problems during large festivals. They can also be deployed alone, as the client requires, with a specific tailored brief to suit the client's needs.

We consider our response teams to be the best in the industry, with training that is second to none. If you feel they would be of use to you or your company, please contact us with your requirements.