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Patrol dogs can often be the ultimate deterrent, and at SPS we deploy nothing but fully insured, trained and licensed Dog Teams. We are often asked to supply dog teams to sites where other security has failed, often due to the size of the site or the lack of a deterrent provided by one guard alone. Here are some of the advantages of using dog teams:

“Strong Presence”

Often just knowing there are dogs on site is enough to deter even repeat attacks

“Nowhere to Run”

A dog can reach speeds of up to 30mph when chasing an intruder

“Nowhere to Hide”

Due to the increase sense of smell, hearing and sight, a patrol dog can effectively patrol and area that would take up to 8 guards to patrol

“Night Vision”

Again due to their sense of smell, darkness no longer provides a hiding place for intruders when you deploy dog teams

“Reduced Conflict”

Even hardened intruders back down when faced with a guard dog

“Safe and compliant”

Fully trained to industry standards offering a safe environment for your premises

SPS can provide patrol dogs, or for that extra level of protection we can deploy drugs & explosive detection dogs. Our dog handlers will operate to strict Site Operating Procedures, agreed with you in advance. Our dog handlers will work tirelessly to ensure your site is secure, with robust paperwork and incident reporting systems in place so you know exactly what is going on.

We can also offer the training of guard dogs and dog handlers, in line with BIPDT standards. Please contact us with your requirements.