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SPS Specialist Protection Services Ltd are, exactly as the name suggests, Specialists in Protection. Drawing staff from both military and civilian backgrounds, our Close Protection teams are professional, reliable, and unwavering in their commitment to the safety of their principal. Due to the fluid nature of the work, every Close Protection job we do is different, planned to exacting specifications well in advance, and carried out by highly skilled operatives. Examples of the services we offer are below:

Close Protection Teams

including Personal Bodyguards, Team Leaders, Crowd Controllers and Covert Crowd Infiltrators

SAP (Security Advance Party) Teams

to pre scout any destinations and allow for effective contingency planning in advance, leading to increased safety for the Principal

Close Protection Chauffeurs & Vehicles

including trained defensive drivers and multiple routes & contingency planning for every journey. We can also supply Security Escort Teams and vehicles

Close Protection consultation

in advance on venues, risk assessments and strategies on all aspects of the itinerary, with plans and strategies agreed in advance

Red carpet work

working alongside and liaising with the event security

Surveillance work

including individual surveillance, building/site surveillance and lifestyle surveillance

We understand different clients will want different levels of visibility from their CP teams, and we will supply Operatives in line with their requests. This includes the uniform (or indeed lack of) in line with the client requests. Discretion is always our watchword with Close Protection.

We can also offer training to your staff in conflict management, security awareness, anti surveillance or even a security based qualification. We can create bespoke training packages for your needs, please contact us with your requirements.